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      Actually, we thought that the Halloween update focused mainly on the PvE mode of "Fortnite". However, the published changelog shows that we can look forward to much more content than originally expected. Also the Battle Royale mode gets many new features.

      Yesterday we informed you that Epic Games is releasing the big Halloween update today, launching the nightmare event in PvE mode. But Battle Royale mode is not empty. In fact, the innovations are significantly more extensive than previously suspected. This is how the leaderboards at FPS Tracker: finally get into the game. However, this is the first version and the developers want to deliver several improvements in the future. Each week, you are assigned to a new group of 50 players, with whom you can then compete in different categories. In addition, a best list exists exclusively for friends.

      Also new are the individual seasons, within which the player in the level can ascend. So you not only increase your reputation within the community, you can also get various rewards. Developer Epic Games has donated the Battle Royale mode of "Fortnite" namely cosmetic items that you can alternatively buy using in-game currency. Also new are the daily challenges.